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Joanna Chmiel:
Asia, Basia and Arek: for the first time we used the help of MAKE BREAK with organizing the trip and was to shoot at "10" :))) Mrs. Elwira prepared us a trip to Borneo, Java, Bali, Komodo and Flores :) they were unforgettable 3.5 weeks and everything was sensational prepared. We had a contact with Mrs. Elwira all the time and not only because of the earthquakes that were there. Thank you for the professional preparation our trip to the beautiful and diverse Indonesia. We highly recommend cooperation with Mrs. Elwira and we are already thinking about planning the next trip, of course with MAKE BREAK company !!! :)))
Ewelina Klimek:
It's probably the tradition that every my trip is planned by Make Break! This time the goal was Kuba. Thanks to Elwira's advices, I visited extraordinary places that are usually overlooked by tourists. The trip was ideally suited to my needs and interests. Honestly, I recommend it to everyone! :)
Agata Krotowska:
I came back from a trip preapred by MB and I'm very happy! First of all, I would not even have an idea to combine visiting two countries on one vacation. I traveled alone and thanks to MB everything was like a piece of cake. All transports, trains, buses, plane - everything went smoothly, because everything was arranged in advance and accurately described. All accommodations also met my expectations. I would highly recommend to those who do not have time or the ability to search for holiday destinations and organize everything
Mariusz Maliszewski:
Elwira once again made a make break for me and prepared an extraordinary exotic escapade. Last year Thailand, this year Maldives. The Dhiffushi island which she recommended deeply fell in our hearts and when we moved to another island to the "paradise resort" we immediately wanted to return to Dhiffushi. Elwira provided all the details of our stay and transfers, checking the situation on a regular basis. I can not imagine the next trip without Make Break!
Magdalena Kopacz:
Thanks to Mrs Elwira and Make Break company, we went on our honeymoon trip to the Philippines. I still wonder how Mrs Elwira arranged so many attractions during our stay and thanks to her plan, we've been everywhere on time. What's more, for the first time we fit in the budget of the trip and we saw more places then usual and we also ate more great meals than usual :) Despite staying in a remote country, we felt safe and MAKE BREAK take care over us. I sincerely recommend their services and we are already wondering which next direction we should plan together.
Marek Bartoszek:
We are very happy about our cooperation with Mrs. Elwira. Everything was exactly as she planned, in every minute of our trip except the points which we planned ... :) Do not expect the service as MAKE BREAK in any tourist office ... I suspect that if we were late for the plane, Mrs. Elwira would call where it be needed and they wait for us ... I would highly recommend MAKE BREAK services!!!
Ewelina Klimek:
Another unforgettable adventure with Make Break, this time we gone to Jordan! Thanks to the great preparation of our travel plan we were able to see everything what we wanted at a very affordable price. I do not need to add more words, because the photos speaks for themselves :)
Justyna Pańczyk:
Thank you very much for our great holiday. The cooperation with Make Break was great and preparation of our travel plan was professional. I would recommend Make Break.
Natalia and Karol Miklewicz:
It is impossible to describe in a few short sentences how a professional and phenomenal organizer of travel plans is MAKE BRAKE company. This is the first time we used their services, but certainly not the last one :) We entrusted them not an easy task of preparing our honeymoon, which most of us expect that it will be an unforgettable and memorable trip. Thanks to MAKE BREAK this trip will stay in our memories for many years. The travel plan was complete reflection of our needs and expectations. Everything was fixed on the so-called last button, the plan did not require any work from us, so we could fully enjoy all the attractions which was prepared by MAKE BREAK. In our opinion this is a great alternative for those people who do not have time or willingness to spend long hours online for searching all the information and do not necessarily want to be tied up with a fixed program from a typical travel agency. Flexibility is the main advantage of MAKE BRAKE - because nobody can predict how many days he will want to stay in each places. With MAKE BREAK company you do not need to worry if you want stay longer in the rice terraces and shorter in the temples - in their plans everything is possible. In addition to all the advantages the owner took care of us not only during planning our honeymoon but also during all our journey. With our full confidence we can say that our honeymoon was dream-sized to our dreams. With all our hearts we would like to say once again “thank you” to MAKE BREAK and we will recommend the company to everyone ! :) :)
Marta and Bartek Chrobak:
We would like to say “thank you” to MAKE BREAK company for prepared a fabulous travel plan for our honeymoon in Indonesia. The trip plan allowed us to visit many interesting places as well as blissful relaxation :) We managed to see this beautiful and interesting country in a both ways
Monika Grycz:
Thank you very much for preparing my travel plan for visit New York City. The plan was very detailed, MAKE BREAK put there the most important places to visit. For me the material was very helpful for preparing my independent trip to New York
Joanna Pająk:
Thank you for organizing our trip. Everything was clear and flexible. We were also able to change our itinerary at any time, what is impossible with any traditional travel agency. MAKE BREAK helped us when we booked plane tickets and during our travel. We are very happy that we used their services
Małgorzata Runowska:
The expedition was a big challenge for me. Thanks to professional help of MAKE BREAK everything was perfect 😀😀
Elżbieta Zalewska:
Usually after returning from a holiday, when someone asked us "What are the people like there?" "How do they live?" "What habits do they have?", I had a problem to give an honest answer. Standard travel agencies are no longer attractive for me. After organizing our trip with Make Break, I can say I know a lot about the country that I visited, I met people with whom we shared a national dish and I felt safe because I had the support of Make Break at any time I needed it. I will also add that our trip was not the easiest one. We visited Dubai, Jawa, Bali, Gili Trawangan and Komodo islands with two children:-). This won’t be my last adventure with Make Break. Thanks for a great holiday!
Janina Grączewska:
Janina I Edyta : It was the trip of a life-tine for us - we went to the antipodes - two women with a child traveled to Australia and New Zealand. It was an incredible trip also because MAKE BREAK prepared it for us. We didn't have strict itinerary during our trip, especially in New Zealand. We wanted to see as much as we could, visit the most interesting places there and also safe time and money. Without MAKE BREAK's expertise it would have been impossible. The hotels would satisfy to needs any child. The localizations of the accommodations made it possible to see the best places and also safe us time. It wouldn't have been possible with a traditional travel agency. The most important thing during our trip was that we got a lot of questions from MAKE BREAK about how our trip was going. We felt safe because of that. In our opinion travelling with MAKE BREAK is a great idea. MAKE BREAK took great care of our trip to antipodes.
Ewelina Klimek:
This was the third time I have chosen MAKE BREAK services and the third time I can say that I could not have hit better! In 2 weeks I visited 2 countries - Thailand and Cambodia. This trip was different from the previous ones, because I traveled alone!!! All the tourists and locals were surprised. They asked me all the time if I wasn't afraid of traveling alone. I wasn’t afraid! Do you know why? I was well prepared and I had everything thoroughly organized by MAKE BREAK! Thanks to MAKE BREAK traveling is a breeze and every trip is a fulfillment of my wildest dreams! I would highly recommend them!!! :)
Mariusz Maliszewski:
We decided not to spend a lazy time in a so-called good hotel for 2 weeks and for the first time we decided to go on an exotic holiday to Thailand and Cambodia. Fortunately, MAKE BREAK helped to organize our trip. Due to the lack of experience with independent travel and the fact that we were going to be traveling with 3 children made us a very demanding client. Nevertheless we want to say thank you to MAKE BREAK for their professionalism and for creating such an ambitious itinerary. The itinerary was also provided in the "Mini Guide" describing the main attractions of the places that we chose to visit. I think that it would have been so hard for us to do it ourselves and certainly it would have taken an unimaginable amount of time. Equally important for us was the fact that during the trip we could count on Elwira to modify our itinerary due to the unfavorable circumstances of nature. I highly recommend MAKE BREAK. It was a good investment, because during the trip we had many useful tips and information prepared by MAKE BREAK. Next time I know who to turn to for help and professional advice 😊
Sylwia Grzegorczyk:
I heartily recommend , perfection and professionalism 😀
Ewelina Klimek:
Thanks to MAKE BREAK for organizing the greatest holidays ever !!! Thank you for your professionalism , commitment, valuable tips and fit PROGRAMME go do our interests and expectations . We look forward to another memorable travel and further cooperation :) :) :)
Alfan Alfan Yusnuargiyanto:
The best tour travel consultant that i ever know and meet. Makebreak will make your trip in Indonesia unforgettable. They know how to do it with budget traveling, also know which a good+cheap accommodation. We are Blessing Transport Service-transport to Bromo and Ijen had collaborated-partnership with them. They have experience with this trip (Yogyakarta-Bromo-Ijen-Bali-Lombok). If you have plan to making trip on those place, just drop your text and discuss with them. Makebreak will show and arrange it for you.
Karolina Kopczyńska:
Great plan for our travelling to Thailand, tailored to what we wanted to see. The plan helped us avoid surprises during the trip, we cannot do it better. It is worth to invest to prepare your travel plan by Make Break, we could save our time and money. Our independent travel to Thailand was much cheaper then offers from travel agencies. I would recommend !
Katarzyna Maliszewska:
Great plan for travelling on Cuba – all casas selected by Make Break were recommendable, plan was tailored to individual needs, a lot of practical tips. It was facilitation for sure and an invaluable help with organisation long journeys. I recommend Kasia