These definitions should be understood in particular:

  1. Performer – MAKE BREAK Dream-sized journeys is an advisory company, which is not a travel agency according to Act dated 29 August 1997 r. about tourism services,
  2. Client – otherwise known as “Customer”, who orders an proposal from MAKE BREAK,
  3. Accommodation – it should be understood especially hotels, guesthouses, hostels, private accommodations, which are proposed in the prepared offer,
  4. Product – it is an offer which was prepared by MAKE BREAK according to Client needs,
  5. Website –,
  6. Sharing – it should be understood that to transfer or resell to third parties the opportunity to use the offer which was prepared by MAKE BREAK is prohibit,
  7. Agreement – it should be understood as a contract for work which is contained between Performer and Customer,
  8. Customer – it should be understood as all natural people, legal person or an imperfect legal person who order the offer made by Performer.


  1. Whenever prepared offer is adjusted to customer needs and expectations
    In the offer especially for you:

    • a) we prepare special, individual travel plans, which include all necessary information to travel independently,
    • b) we search air tickets and accommodations,
    • c) we advise how to reduce travel cost,
    • d) we help with all necessary reservations,
    • e) we want to share our travel experience to help you,
    • f) we will assist you during your travel.
  2. Travel plans can not be shared with third parties.
  3. For every client we offer our assistants during the travel.
  4. Support as mentioned in point 4 means the Customer can contact with Performer and the Performer will be required to offer support and help.


  1. Price of the offer prepared by the Performer offer does not include:

    • a) purchasing airline tickets,
    • b) booking accommodations,
    • c) booking transfers,
    • d) meals,
    • e) entrance to museums etc.,
    • f) other tickets for local attractions.
  2. If Customer needs it is possible to reserve the air tickets and accommodation by travel agency, which cooperate with Performer.
  3. Customer pays for the reservation, which mention in point 2 directly to the travel agency, which cooperates with Performer.
  4. Performer prepares offer from 7 till 14 working days.
  5. Period mentioned in point 4 can be shortened or lengthened when agreed to by both sides and it depends on specifics and requirements.
  6. Performer is obliged to continuously inform the Customer about period of the preparation and periodic changes.
  7. Customer has to agree to the change in the period of the preparation.


  1. Customer can send request for information by:

    • a) e-mail: or
    • application form which can be found on the website.
  2. For the preparing offer Performer needs the following details:
    • a) what information Customer need (prepare travel plans, searching air tickets, prepare travel plans and searching air tickets, searching accommodations etc.),
    • b) travel destination,
    • c) date of arrival and length of stay and the information if the dates are flexible,
    • d) how Customer wants to spend his holiday, eg. on the beach, visiting or active etc.,
    • e) number of participants and information about number of adults and number of children,
    • f) standard of accommodations and meal plans.
  3. After completing information Customer will get from Performer the confirmation on designated e-mail with agreement, which Customer must sign, scan and send back by e-mail to our address:
  4. All date which are provide by Customer are secure and secrets of the Performer.


  1. Performer prepares the agreement and defines every elements of the offer.
  2. The agreement is sign by both sides.
  3. The agreement guarantees Customer completion of the service and Performer is assured payment will be resave for the performance of the work.
  4. The agreement must be sign by Customer, scanned and sent back by e-mail to Performer address:
  5. Performer signs the agreement, which is mentioned in number 4, send the scan of the agreement by e-mail and original by post to the Customer.


  1. Customer can resign from the offer until the moment the offer is resaved.
  2. Customer can send within 4 days of resaving the offer from the Performer any additional suggestion, details or requests etc. to the offer.
  3. Performer is required as soon as possible to inform of any additional information or explanations to the Customer, which are mentioned in point 2 or complete the offer with this information.
  4. All information which are included in the offer especially price of plane tickets, price of accommodation can be change between period of preparing offer and acceptance by the Customer.
  5. Performer will not be held responsible for change in prices which are mentioned in point 4.


  1. Customer agrees to the use of his personal date for:

    • a) issuance of an invoice for services performed,
    • b) sending the prepared offer
    • c) making tickets or accommodation reservations or
    • d) if Customer agree sending marketing information.
  2. The personal Customer date will not be sent to third parties.


  1. Performer can change the General Terms and Conditions without informing the Customers.
  2. Performer will upload every change of the General Terms and Conditions on the website.
  3. Before signing the agreement, the Customer should read the General Terms and Conditions on the website and this will signify acceptance.
  4. Every visitor accepts the General Terms and Conditions when visiting the website