MAKE BREAK for dream-sized journeys. We are travel concierge.

We prepare all the necessary information you need to spend your dream holiday.

Our personalized offer consists of:

  • individual travel plans
  • searching air connections, hotels (including up-to-date promotion to the selected destination), local travel agencies and local attractions
  • advice how to minimize travel costs
  • assistance with booking air tickets and accommodations
  • assistance during your travel ( you can contact us if you need help)
  • preparation of other materials necessary for the journey (maps, useful information about transport, visa, vaccinations, worth-while attractions)

Our experience will allow us to help preparing your dream-sized journeys.
Please contact us.


Supply us with essential elements:

  • what services you need
  • which destination
  • dates of departure and length of stay
  • which activities (sports, fitness, leisure, etc.)
  • number of participants
  • accommodation preferences

We will prepare an offer within 21 days. After you supply data and request a signed scan to formalized the agreement of our services of course any changes and suggestions will require mutual agreement as stipulated in terms and conditions listed on website MAKE BREAK’S.
We will always be interested with your comments and you can add them to website.

Example offer

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